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Temple of Solomon

by Wardenclyffe

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HAL 06:32
How did we end like this? 
In the garden of misery 
 With the mark on our hands Didn’t learn from our history 
Then did we lose our ways? 
 Got trapped in this horrid maze 
 With tiny steps the trap was set 
 To give rise to the terror Take me back to the glory days 
 Then man was free to choose his ways 
 Change the course of our history
 Awake the souls and break us free Beneath the veil of philanthropy 
 Lies the deeds of the Devil 
 He pulls the strings and rules as king
 Seducing with magic Dehumanize and robotize 
 Reduce us to subjects 
How can we light the spark? 
 And bring mankind together Give us the keys to harmony 
Share the secrets of alchemy 
 Bring the knowledge from divinity 
Tear down the horrors of technocracy
Mortlake 10:55
Teach me to properly sense and to rightly discern 
 Give your word to my practice and fix the Wisdom in my heart.
 Lord of Lords, King of Kings, O Father of all things. 
 For I desire your knowledge because it is all that is.
 Oh Lord Jesus Christ who art the true Wisdom. I watch through the scrying stone 
 Feel the powers from beyond the otherworld 
I’m climbing Jacob’s ladder and I see all the things not known 
The magic of the lost tribes of Israel 
 The book of Enoch – It was given to me 
 In Mortlake – The angels dictated. 
 The magical keys. To possess the divine knowledge. 
 And to perfect all that God left undone. Moreover, gently and most humbly it is my most burning, steadfast quest. 
That you would think worthy to send from heaven to me. 
Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel 
 Who might perfectly inform me in true and accurate knowledge 
 Of your secret mysteries and work. Let God be glorious in me. ”I am therefore to instruct and inform you, according to your Doctrine delivered, which is contained in 49 Tables. In 49 voices, or callings: which are the Natural Keys to open those, not 49 but 48 (for one is not to be opened) Gates of Understanding, whereby you shall have knowledge to move every Gate… ” (The Angel Nalvage) To rule every gate….
Enchanted by Bohemian light 
 Transform your mind – enter the night 
 Elixir of bitter herbs 
 Wormwood, Anise, Fennel – quench your thirst Enter the magical cabinet 
 The Goddess of rebellious government 
 Open the gates to another state 
Dreams of wonder beyond what’s sane Artemisia Absinthium 
Artemisia Absinthium Expanding mind and consciousness 
Enlight your soul – creative bliss 
 Visions of hell takes your youth 
 Green muse brings psychotic truth Artemisia Absinthium 
Artemisia Absinthium
Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. 
Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity. 
Unite humanity with a living new language. 
 Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason. 
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Georgia Guidestones - Global Goals Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. 
Avoid petty laws and useless officials. 
Balance personal rights with social duties. 
 Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite. 
Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature. One – Eliminate the Poor Two – Unleash the Hunger Three – Release the Virus Four – Indoctrinate the Children Five – Transform the Genders Six – Control the Water Seven – Manage the Grid Eight – Robotize the Workforce Evilution – Devil Bill and the Gates of Hell 
 Mass Delusion – Devil Bill and the Gates of Hell Nine – Track all the Goods Ten – Monitor all Movement Eleven – Build Cities for Control Twelve - Decrease all Consumption Thirteen – Change the Global Climate Fourteen – Oversee the seas Fifteen – Force people from their Homelands Sixteen – Implant a Digital ID Seventeen – Enhance all Control
Stones of wonder - Stones of Might 
 Redeem the glory of the ancient light 
 Cosmic human in a cosmic race 
 The stairs are built for the golden age Psychospheric circuitry 
 The sons of chromatic harmony 
 Let’s gaze into the cosmic lens 
 And climb the ladder to illuminate The Temple of Solomon 
 Keeps on calling 
- Keeps on calling
 The Temple of Solomon 
 The twelve tones of unity 
 The Temple of Solomon 
 It’s the grand quest for Jerusalem Mother Earth and Father Sky 
 Gives birth to the celestial child 
 Unlock the door of the mystery 
 In this captive odyssey 
 Seven pillars of humanity 
 The winged wheels of Ezekiel 
 Tomorrow’s temple of the psychosphere 
 Built with modern technology
Hail the shift into the Noosphere 
Hook up your brain to the global mind 
 Pay your tribute to the masters will 
 Share your thoughts in connectedness Holomind, Holomind, Holomind Perceiver 
 Obey the great deceiver The Galactic Mind – Earth Ascending 
The Galactic Man – Psi Bank Program 
Enter the realm of techno-samadhi 
 The mystical body of the Anti-Christ Holomind, Holomind, Holomind Perceiver 
 Obey the great deceiver Holographic nano-chip 
New evolving mental sphere 
Hyper sense organ of transcendence 
 Taking the orders from galactic command
The Hydra 06:20
Let’s raise the chalice and take the ordeal 
 The lantern is shining and paving our way 
With dreams of laughter a great turning will come 
 His fortress will crumble as we gather our force Here comes the Hydra 
Entangling the week 
Injecting the poison 
 Devour his prey In the final hour he will meet his tragic fate 
Responding with fury – deep horror lives inside 
 So great was his kingdom – So dreadful was his deeds 
 It all will vanish when the morning draws near The banner is rising – We conspire to ignite 
 His heads no longer argue – The spell doesn’t work 
 The people will not listen to wolfs any more 
 The Hydra has lost – been cast down to hell Don’t feed the Hydra 
 His kingdom is no more 
 Serenades of glory 
 His battle was lost
Inevitable 04:52
The one who holds your hand in the dark 
is the one that really keeps you dear. The one that breaths you to life 
makes your heart beat and nurtures you. You saw me in the depths and kissed me passionately.
 The gate to the heavenly Temple of Love has opened. After darkness comes the angelic light. 
 You are the one I always will love.


released February 22, 2022

Produced by Kristian Karlsson


all rights reserved



Wardenclyffe Sweden

"Wardenclyffe is a top band waiting to blossom within the doom genre." (Lords of Metal)

We are an experienced band with members from ex. Captor, Griftegård and Terrorama. The songs on this demo combine sounds of doom and death from the early nineties with a curiosity for the music of tomorrow. Lyrics concerns politics, power and the use of science for destructive means).
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